CNC Turning Services

When you need precision-turned parts, Jarvis Machine is ready to help. We’re machining specialists with a focus on CNC turning of complex geometries and tight tolerances in challenging materials.

Our CNC turning services can handle any volume or quantity order, and we strive to deliver the shortest possible lead times. Whether you’re in a hurry for one part or need 10,000+ parts, we’re here for you.

In-house engineering capabilities mean we can make suggestions on how to enhance machinability to get you a better-finished part and save you money. We can work from sketches, photographs, or the actual part you need to reproduce. We know cost is always important, so we’ll advise on changes we see that will make your parts easier to manufacture. Our goal is to be your partner for CNC turning.

CNC Turning

What is CNC Turning?

Turning is the process of creating cylindrical forms. The workpiece is held in a chuck, or sometimes a collet, that rotates. A cutting tool is brought to the side of the workpiece and moves parallel to the workpiece axis to reduce or “turn down” the diameter. With careful setup, turning can also produce tapers or cones and cylindrical bores.

For generations turning was performed on manual machines. Then, in the 1960s and 70s, Computer Numerical Control, or CNC came along. With this, the motion of the lathe spindle and tool holder X and Z axes are managed by a computer program. Speed and movement are controlled to extreme precision, and most importantly, the movements are totally repeatable.

The beauty of CNC turning is that it’s capable of producing complex parts in the least possible time. This makes it as powerful for one-offs and prototype parts as for long runs. When used for quantity production, advanced control technology means the finish and geometry of the last part will be the same as the first part.

A limitation of turning is the surface finish that’s achievable. As a single-point cutting process, turning produces a finely grooved surface. Selecting a large radius cutting tool and reducing the feed rate minimizes this texture but it’s hard to achieve an Ra better than 25 µinch/0.63 µm. That’s why, for precise surface finishes, turning is usually followed by grinding.

Shafts, valve spools, collars, hubs, pulleys, and couplings are just a few examples of parts produced by turning. Some of these will subsequently need grinding, especially if they incorporate bearing journals or surfaces with precision fits like valve spools.

Our Maximum Capabilities for CNC Turning

Turning (3 Lathes)

Max Turning Diameter: 14”

Distance Between Centers: 23”

Swing Over Diameter: 20”

Max bar capacity: 2”

Why Use Jarvis Machine for CNC Turning Services?

It takes a deep understanding of materials, cutting tools and the turning process, combined with expert CNC programming skills, to produce top-quality cylindrical parts. At Jarvis Machine we have that expertise in-depth, and in addition, we understand what customers need. That’s why we offer:

  • Rapid turnaround and short lead times
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Experience with “difficult” materials like stainless steel and engineered polymers
  • Engineering services and prototype support

Our approach is to partner with our customers, helping them solve problems, improve a product or part performance, and save money. If you’d like to find out how our CNC turning services could benefit your business, Request a Quote today.

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