CNC Milling Services

Milling produces flat, straight surfaces. At Jarvis Machine we do a lot of CNC milling for our customers. CNC milling is fast, repeatable and very cost-effective, especially when the machine shop is highly experienced, as we are.

You may have parts that only need milling, they may need milling, turning and grinding, or perhaps a combination of operations and processes. Whatever the design and geometry, our CNC milling services will give you what you need.

Our goal is to be an extension of your engineering team and manufacturing capabilities. We want to work with you to optimize your parts for manufacture, and then we want to machine them for you. Whether you’re prototyping, need a replacement part made quickly, or sourcing 10,000+ pieces a year, we can help.

What is CNC Milling?

Milling is the process of removing material with a rotating, multi-toothed cutter. CNC, the acronym for Computer Numerical Control, refers to having the machine movements controlled by a computer. A part program, developed from the CAD file, dictates the sequence of moves that remove material to create the part. It can do this faster and more repeatably than is possible with a manually-controlled machine.

Milling machines take one of two forms, although a third variant is on the rise. The two forms of milling machines are vertical and horizontal machines. This refers to the axis of rotation of the cutting tool. Vertical machines hold the tool on a vertical axis. They are more widely used than horizontal machines because they tend to be more versatile. At Jarvis Machine all our milling machines are verticals, except for our 5-axis CNC machine.

5 axis CNC machines are the new, third type of milling machine. A vertical mill has three axes of movement: the table that holds the workpiece can move left-right (the X-axis,) and forwards and back (the Y-axis.) In addition, the spindle can move up and down to provide a third, Z, axis. With this arrangement, a vertical machine can cut flat surfaces on any exposed surface of the workpiece.

A 5-axis CNC machine adds two additional axes of movement. This lets its angle and tilt adjust to the cutter axis with respect to the workpiece. This has two advantages over a 3-axis machine: it enables machining of contours, and it reduces the need to take the workpiece off the table and remount it in a different position to machine additional features. That saves time and helps maintain a tight geometric relationship between the machined surfaces.

Our Maximum Capabilities for CNC Milling

3-Axis Milling (9 Vertical CNCs, 2 ProtoTRAKs)

CNC Max Travel: 50” x 18” x 18”

ProtoTRAK Max Travel: 38” x 20” x 17”

5-Axis Milling (1 Mill)

Max Travel: 21” x 16” x 19”

A,C Axis Travel: +30°/-110°, 360°

Max Weight on Table: 330 lbs

Why Use Jarvis Machine for CNC Milling Services?

Producing high quality parts by milling takes a combination of technical expertise and hands-on experience. We understand the capabilities of our CNC milling machines, and we know how to write part programs that get the most out of them.

We’re experienced at setting jobs up in a way that minimizes machining time while achieving high levels of accuracy and surface finish. We’re also very familiar with machining difficult materials like stainless steel and engineering polymers. (It’s “just” a case of selecting the right cutting tools, fixturing the part correctly, optimizing feed rates and cutting speeds and providing cutting fluid as and where needed.)

If you’re looking for CNC milling services, we’d like you to consider Jarvis Machine. We aim to provide the fastest possible turnarounds, the best quality and the most attractive price, but we want to do more. We want to be your partner. We can supplement your engineering resources with ours, helping you save time both time and money.

If you’d like to learn more about our CNC milling services, put us to the test: Contact Us today and request a quote.

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