5-Axis Milling Services

We specialize in machining complex shapes in a variety of materials. That’s why we’ve invested in 5-axis milling capacity. A 5 axis mill lets us access five faces of the workpiece in a single setup. Depending on the part geometry, that can save time and money while improving quality.

Our investment in 5-axis milling lets us do things that aren’t possible with 3-axis milling or turning. It also demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with leading edge technologies and services.

Our approach to machining and 5-axis milling services is different from what you’ll see elsewhere. We’re focused on delivering solutions, and not just creating parts. We help our customers engineer and re-engineer the parts they need to optimize machinability and performance, which also saves them time and money. Our intention is to be an extension of our customers’ engineering and procurement departments and not just a machine shop.

5 Axis Milling

What is 5 Axis Milling?

Until recently, milling machines had just three axes, X, Y, and Z. For someone facing the machine, X is where the work holding table moves left-right, Y is the table moving backward and forwards, and Z is it moving up and down. From many prismatic parts, (those with straight, square sides and surfaces,) this is enough “degrees of freedom” to machine any required features. However, parts that need non-orthogonal (not 90°) surfaces require additional setups.

5 axis milling addresses this problem. This adds two rotational axes to the three linear axes. Machine designs vary, but typically a 5-axis milling machine adds A and B axes. These provide rotation around the X and Y axes. Other machines add B and C rotational axes, (rotation around the Y and Z axes), and there are probably some somewhere with A and C axes.

The big advantage of 5-axis milling machines is that the cutting tool can reach five faces of a prismatic part. (The part is mounted on the sixth face.) Many 5-axis machines provide what’s called, “5-axis positional machining.” This means the axis rotates to a fixed position, and then the cutter starts removing metal. This is useful for applying chamfers or cutting grooves and dovetails, but it’s not full 5-axis machining.

Full 5-axis machining is where the rotational axis turns as the part is being machined. With this, the cutter can produce contoured surfaces, like those on a turbocharger impeller or fan blade.

All this additional capability, over 3 axis machines, doesn’t come cheap. In addition, programming 5-axis milling machines is complicated. However, for some parts, there are substantial benefits. These include:

  • Fewer setups to produce complex shapes – because the cutting tool can reach more surfaces
  • Less expense on fixtures
  • Superior geometric precision between features otherwise produced in separate setups
  • Ability to machine contours
  • Improved surface finish – because the machine allows for shorter cutting tools that suffer less vibration

Our Maximum Part Size for 5-Axis Milling

5-Axis Milling (1 Mill)

Max Travel: 21” x 16” x 19”

A,C Axis Travel: +30°/-110°, 360°

Max Weight on Table: 330 lbs

Why Use Jarvis Machine for 5-Axis Milling Services?

Not every part or job needs 5-axis milling, but when one does, we’re ready. We thrive on machining complex geometries, especially if they’re in challenging materials like stainless or engineered polymers. Our programming and machining skills mean we’re ready to push the limits of what’s possible, so please, send us your toughest machining challenges.

We’re quantity-agnostic. Whether you need 10 parts or 10,000, we’re ready to help. We do understand though that for one-offs and small quantities the need for rapid turnaround often trumps everything else. That’s why we take pride in offering some of the shortest lead times in our region.

If you’re looking for a manufacturing partner you can trust to deliver when they promise, and who will dedicate substantial resources to your project, get in touch. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and help you achieve your goals. Request a Quote from us today.

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